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Music at Flame

This year our music is led by Jeff WIlliams. Jeff is an enthusiastic worshiper from St. Anne's parish in Byron (London, ON); a faithful choir member; and a modern praise leader when called upon. Jeff is a fan of both traditional and "Christian Contemporary" praise forms, and works to facilitate music to Glorify God at every opportunity.

The rich heritage of faith-based music merges with the dynamic and inspired creations of today. Being in the midst of a crowd of men of varied musical ability singing from their souls is an uplifting experience.

If you have a particular favourite song or chorus, please let us know. We won't make any promises but we will try to fit it into the weekend.

If you play an instrument, bring it along and join in. Following the evening snack time there is usually an impromptu sing-along around the piano with and orchestra of any one who brought their instrument with them. Even bagpipes have made an appearance in the past.

Toronto Flame 2012

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