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Early Leaders

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Things went well with leaders such as Desmond Hunt, Harry Robinson, Tom Robinson, Bishop Cuthbert Bardsley of Coventry and his Canon Missioner, Geoffrey Rogers. Then Leslie Hunt left the Committee to be principal of Wycliffe College and Charlie Storton took up theological studies. This weakened marketing for the conference. The attendance fell below 20 and the future looked grim. However, among the regular attendees there were those few who would not hear of discontinuing. They offered to do the promotion if Charlie would arrange for leaders and emcee the conferences. Jim Read, who later moved out West, was a great support at this time.

To this point, all leaders had been Anglican clergy. Over the next two years, two Presbyterian ministers provided outstanding leadership. The Rev. Bruce Larsen, an author and conference leader, agreed to come but had second thoughts when told only men were attending! His experience was that women were needed as the catalyst to make things work. Charlie and mutual friends persuaded him to take a chance. The conference was a wonderful success. No one was more uplifted by it than Bruce himself! Over 80 men attended and were so enthused that they insisted on holding an additional conference the next spring. Over 40 men attended this conference, led by Tony Capon, at the United Church Conference Center in Bolton. However, it was decided not to repeat this additional conference.

Bruce Larsen suggested the Rev. Paul Everett, then Director of the Pittsburgh Experiment (which also began in 1954), to lead the next conference. He was another inspired leader

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