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FLAME Men's Conference

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Many thanks to those who participated in this year's very successful event!     Recorded talks are now available to "click" below
Bishop Dan Herzog
Talk 1     Friday Night
Talk 2    Saturday Morning
Talk 3 Saturday Afternoon

Talk 4 Saturday Night

Archbishop Terry Buckle 2016

What is FLAME?

FLAME is an acronym for Fellowship and Learning for All Men Everywhere.
Although nominally an Anglican-based conference it is open to all men seeking fellowship with other Christians.

It is a weekend conference/retreat running from Friday evening to Sunday noon.   A series of talks relating to the theme are followed by small group discussions and summary plenary sessions.  There are liberal injections of music and some free time.

The conference has run annually for over 50 years within the Diocese of Toronto.
Flame spread to the Diocese of Montreal in 1988, and for a time operated within the Ontario Diocese.

Montreal Conference
Bishop Terry Buckle
Guest Speaker
Toronto Conference
(Yes, we need some new photos!)
Toronto Conference
2011 Video

For more information about FLAME in general or if you are interested in starting a conference in your diocese, please contact us.

To contact the committee for a specific FLAME conference please click on:

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