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To ensure that participation in this weekend is available to everyone interested, the week-end’s expenses are covered primarily through a “free-will offering” approach.

Please include a cheque for $70 with your advance registration. During the closing service on Sunday morning, participants will be asked to help defray the costs of this event through a private free-will offering. Our total cost per participant is expected to be $180.00, for accommodation, meals, snacks and materials. We invite each participant to contribute as he is able and feels led.

In cases where parishes wish to financially support the participation of one or more individuals, the FLAME committee will provide equivalent funds to match that assistance. If appropriate, please explore this possibility with us.

The application form is ­­included in brochure.­Complete it and mail it with your cheque.

To print the form, click the 'Print Form' button below, then print from there as this will use less ink.

Please make cheques payable to "Diocese of Montreal"(FLAME)

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