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Rev. Dr. Ron Kydd

The Rev. Dr. Ron Kydd

Dr. Ron Kydd was born in 1943 in Red Jacket, a little farming community in Southeastern Saskatchewan. The family moved to Winnipeg when he was 10 where home and school made a supportive childhood. He loved sports playing baseball and hockey. Coaches encouraged his dream of a career in baseball.

This all changed on February 15, 1959 when Ron made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ in a little Pentecostal church and he became immersed in its spirituality. He felt a strong call to ministry in high school and, after graduation, enrolled at Central Pentecostal College in Saskatoon. He benefited from stimulating teaching and a warm spiritual atmosphere, doing pulpit supply and caring for an interdenominational resort church for two summers.

At 21 with a Certificate of Graduation, he married Roseanne Egerton in Winnipeg and they now have 4 children and 7 grandchildren.

In Winnipeg he served as Minister of Youth at Calvary Temple, the flag ship church for the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, while earning a BA. It was then back to Saskatoon to the Lutheran Theological Seminary where Ron graduated with an M.Div. For further education, they moved to Scotland and the University of St. Andrews where he graduated in 1973 with a Ph.D. in the study of the work of the Holy Spirit in the early church. This led Ron into a career in theological teaching, specializing in church history and the work of the Holy Spirit. While in Scotland, he was Assistant Minister at a Presbyterian church.

This brought Ron and Roseanne back to Central Pentecostal College in Saskatoon where he served as lecturer, Dean of Students, Academic Dean and Acting President. He was instrumental in bringing Central into association with the Lutheran Seminary and affiliation with the University of Saskatchewan, where he lectured on Charismatic Movements.

They lived in Ottawa 1984-88 where Ron was the Founding Pastor of Kanata Pentecostal Church. Four years of ministry led to a thriving congregation and the completion of a building program.

He returned to teaching at what is now Master’s College and Seminary in Peterborough, the Pentecostal theological college for Eastern Canada. During this period, he was part of the International Dialogue between Pentecostal and Roman Catholic scholars and participant in the 5th World Conference on Faith and Order, World Council of Churches. This gave Ron invaluable ecumenical experience.

Ron & Roseanne were on the “Canterbury Trail”, impressed with Anglican liturgy, spirituality and history. Anglican leaders treated him with great courtesy and in 1999 he became an Anglican Lay Pastoral Assistant, then Associate Priest at St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Cobourg, ON. He created an extension centre for Wycliffe College’s Diploma in Lay Ministry at St. Peter’s Church and in 2004 became associate Professor of Church History at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto. He also became and continues to be an Honorary Assistant at St. Peter’s.

Ron retired from Tyndale Seminary in 2018 and is now Emeritus Professor Christian History. He is currently studying Early Christian History in China and Central Asia. He has made two trips to China to further this study.

His wife, Roseanne, is Director of Music at St. Peter’s, has a Ph.D in music.and is past Chair of the Anglican Communion Alliance, strongly supported by Ron. His son, Matthew, is an Anglican priest.

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