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Over the years, speakers have ranged from those who are called to lead this type of conference on a regular basis to parish priests from the diocese. All have been inspiring.

The strength and to some extent the uniqueness of FLAME is that it is run by a rotating committee of laymen. The committee picks a theme they believe is relevant to men at the time of the conference. The speaker then merges the theme into his experience and creates the main talks series for the weekend. FLAME flourishes with the support of the clergy but is lay-driven. It is open to all men who wish to attend.

After several decades at Geneva Park, FLAME moved to the Salvation Army Conference Centre at Jackson’s Point. This move reflected concerns about the cost of the weekend and to some extent the fact that the Salvation Army Conference Centre capacity was more in line with current attendance numbers. It is also closer for most attendees. We started at Jackson Point in 2002 and we have settled in very well.

In the past few years, attendance has been up remarkably. We are blessed with a number of first-time attendees. We have also been SOLD OUT . If you are thinking of attending REGISTER SOON. The rate typically increases at the beginning of July and available space is limited.

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