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Toronto Conference

Montreal Conference




Theme for 2018

"The Psalms: Tools for Being & Becoming"[i]

[i]Title from Eugene H. Peterson, Answering God, The Psalms as Tools for Prayer. (San Francisco: Harper, 1991), pg. 2

Rev. Dr. Brett Cane leads us through practical lessons we can learn from reading the Psalms.

The value of the Psalms is that they enable us to channel our emotions (negative and positive) before God, to express our praise and pain, and to receive his word of comfort, hope and challenge. Our time together will give the opportunity to look at four different types of psalms. The psalms themselves will be presented in various and creative ways. The goal is to grow in how we relate to God emotionally and truthfully and to allow the Holy Spirit to form within us the One who is reflected in so many ways within them - Jesus Christ our Lord.

Please bring bible & notebook

We invite you to pray with us, every day, for God’s blessing and inspiration upon Brett.
Let us also pray that the Holy Spirit will encourage and prepare those men who will join us in fellowship.

Montreal Flame 2018

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