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Our Speaker for 2018

Rev. Dr. Brett Cane

The Rev. Dr. Brett Cane

Brett Cane emigrated with his family to Canada from England in 1957 at the age of ten and spent most of his life in and around Montreal until 2002 when he moved to Winnipeg and from 2015 has lived in Victoria, BC. He has remained unmarried to date and his immediate family of sister and her two children and their families all live in the Mont-real area. His passion is to see people fall in love with Jesus and partner with him in building his kingdom.

Brett did not grow up in the church at all and came to faith in Christ through a Bible study group at St. Lambert Elementary School at the age of 12. He was nurtured in the faith through Inter-School Christian Fellowship (ISCF) and especially Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) at McGill University while studying architecture. It was here that his discipleship with Christ really got going and he became a very convinced member of the Anglican Church during this time. On graduation in 1970, he felt called by God to work in Christian ministry full-time and became a staff-worker for ISCF.

During the 1970’s, his ministry included a combination of work with high school students (staff-worker with ISCF) and serving two curacies in Quebec City and Montreal. He was ordained deacon on the strength of this work, as an assisting ministry to regular parish life and after it became evident that he was in-deed called to regular pastoral ministry, went for formal theological training. During all this time (and well into the next two decades) he was very active in youth and children’s ministry through Quebec Lodge Camp in the Eastern Townships of Quebec and with Crosstalk Ministries in Montreal. With the latter, he was the founding director of Senior Youth Camp and Day Camps.

On his return from theological studies at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, in 1980, he served as rector at St. Stephen’s, Chambly (a semi-rural, suburban parish) for two-and-a-half years followed by a one and a half-year period as a Diocesan Programme Officer. In 1985 he became rector of St. George’s in downtown Mont-real where he served for over seventeen years. During this time he also completed his Doctor of Ministry degree with Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California, focusing on church growth and congregational development. In 2002 he accepted the call to move west and served as rector of St. Aidan’s, a lively charismatic, evangelical and sacramental parish, in suburban Winnipeg from September, 2002, from which he retired in January, 2012.

He then served in a voluntary chaplaincy and mentoring role at Trinity College, Bristol, for three and one-half years, following which he returned to Canada to take up residence in Saanichton, BC, just north of Victoria. He continues to serve in a supportive teaching and pastoral role in the two congregations of the local parish of Central Saanich as well as taking on ministry opportunities elsewhere (e.g. chaplain to the Bristol Theological College, annual tours of the Holy Land and supply ministry at St. Matthew's, Addis Ababa, and lecturing at St. Frumentius’ Theological College, Gambella – both in Ethiopia).

During the past thirty years, Brett has also been involved with the ministry of inner healing (Isaiah 40 Foundation in Montreal and Wounded Healers Ministries in Victoria) as well as serving with Anglican Essentials (later Anglican Communion Alliance) in its aim to call the Anglican Church of Canada back to its orthodox roots.

Brett had extensive involvement with drama in both high school and university and maintains interest in architecture, enjoys travelling, cross country skiing, swimming, golf, mini golf, jigsaw and logic puzzles, photography and Victorian and 20th century classical music.

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