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Our Speaker for 2017

Rev. Joel Coppieters, B.Th., M.Div.

The Rev. Joel Coppieters Minister of Côte-des-Neiges Presbyterian Church in Montreal

Joel was born and raised in Quebec’s Eastern Town-ships in a ministry home where he learned that God’s people and God’s Word were the two things of greatest value, and where his parents modelled a deep love for the Church.

Joel went on to develop a business career and a small consulting practice that allowed him to serve in Bible teaching and lay administrative posts with several churches and a number of para-church ministries including Scripture Union and the United Bible Societies.

After a series of personal tragedies shook his faith, God pulled Joel through a season of doubt and then slowly into the Reformed tradition. Theology courses taken at first to deepen his own understanding eventually led to the preparation for ministry at Presbyterian College, and then in 2012 to ordination within the PCC when he was inducted as Minister of Côte-des-Neiges Presbyterian Church – a growing urban congregation in Montreal, that is striving to make the love of God relevant to one of the neediest areas in Canada.

Joel’s published credits include several books in English and French, and more than 700 articles in magazines and newspapers about a variety of religious and secular topics. He completed the Bachelor’s degree in Theology at McGill at the top of the class on the Dean’s Honour List, and the Master of Divinity with distinction at Presbyterian College in Montreal, where he also received the Calvin Medal.

Together with his wife Debbie, a kindergarten teacher, they take great joy in several grown foster children and three grandchildren. Their hobbies include renovating homes.

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