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Bruce hails from the left coast in Victoria BC. Commissioned in 1976 with Threshold Ministries (a.k.a. Church Army), he has been privileged to serve in prison, seafarer’s and hospital chaplaincy, with congregational and regional youth ministry, church-based and regional missions and occasional mission events in Australia, Kenya, Great Britain, Jamaica and Barbados.

He spent seven years as Assistant National Director with Threshold Ministries followed by another 16 as National Director. Now retired from Threshold Ministries, Bruce devotes the lion’s share of his time as Mission Coordinator for the Anglican Parish of Christ Church St. James, Etobicoke.

More importantly, Bruce is married to his best friend Carol (39th year). Together they are blessed with two terrific sons, a superb daughter-in-law and two absolutely amazing little grandchildren.

The Scriptures that turned his life around (and still challenge the socks off him) are Matthew 16:24 and Romans 12:1,2.

Toronto Flame 2015

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