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Toronto 2014 Overview

Weekend Overview

The speaker for 2014 was Bishop Patrick Yu and our theme was "What does the Lord require of you?".

The weekend ran from Friday evening to Sunday noon.

It consisted of a series of talks relating to the theme followed by small group discussions and summary plenary sessions. There were liberal injections of music and some free time. Hearty meals were provided on a regular schedule.

For many attendees the small group discussions are the heart of the weekend. Men who are often strangers on Friday evening are friends by Sunday. The opportunity to share ones experience with others who also understand your concerns can be enlightening. Confidentiality is stressed. Spiritual support is always close at hand.

Following each talk/small group discussion, all attendees gathered in the main hall to share highlights of their discussions as agreed by the groups.

Sunday morning was a Eucharist with the final talk as the sermon followed by the small group discussion.

Toronto Flame 2014

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