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Man Alive!

Archbishop Terry is going to open us to a deeper relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ by sharing his biblical insights along with many years of ministry. That relationship is key to our walk with the Lord. It must continue to grow and be strengthened by daily personal and corporate study of the scriptures, daily prayer, regular church attendance and sacrificial giving.

The focus of the teaching will be from St. Paul’s the letter to the Ephesians with particular focus on the enabling power of the Holy Spirit to be the people/men of God/The Church of God. We can only come to our full potential as men, as God’s men, as we are empowered by the Holy Spirit--

MEN ALIVE! –each of as a -- MAN ALIVE!

We invite you to pray with us, every day, for God’s blessing and inspiration upon Terry.
Let us also pray that the Holy Spirit will encourage and prepare those men who will join us in fellowship.

Montreal Flame 2016

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