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Introducing Bishop Fraser Lawton:
Bishop Fraser Lawton was born in Saskatoon into an active Anglican Christian home. His family moved to Alberta when he was 8 years old.  He was blessed with a wide variety of church experiences through his childhood, including the influence of the 1970’s Charismatic movement in North American Anglicanism.  He felt the call of ordained ministry, and entered the College of Emmaneul and St. Chad in Saskatoon immediately after high school and obtained a BSc.
He was ordained deacon in 1993 and priest in 1994 in the Diocese of Athabasca in the Anglican Church of Canada.  He served in three parishes in the diocese before being elected as its bishop in 2009 (consecrated as bishop in January 2010).  During his ministry, he has served the church in various capacities both within and beyond the diocese.    As Bishop, he was a member of the Provincial House of Bishops, National House of Bishops, Council of the North, Episcopal Visitor to Anglican Renewal Ministries (at the request of the Primate), member of the Planning and Agenda Team for the National House of Bishops, and as speaker at a number of conferences and events including leading FLAME Montreal in 2012.  
In 2018, Bishop Lawton was invited to discern the possible call to leave Athabasca and enter into a new ministry.  After significant consideration, he felt led to accept a call to the Diocese of Dallas, where he currently serves as the Rector of the Church of St. Dunstan and as Assisting Bishop.  The role of rector specifically includes work with a group of “rural parishes” in Northeast Texas to pilot a new way of conducting ministry in an affiliation of 6 congregations working together.  His experience of rural ministry in Canada was a specific asset to the situation in Dallas. 
Bishop Lawton is married to his wife of 32 years, Veronica Lawton.  Together, they have four grown children. 


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